Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Latest Find: Vintage Shoe Stays

Check these babies out. Vintage shoe stays that I bought for $5 in Kensington Market at the past 'Pedestrian Sunday". And look how pretty the pictures my camera takes are. (I'm slightly infatuated with my new toy, just in case you can't tell). Too bad they're so narrow. Either that, or I have mammoth feet. Whateva.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Valentino sketch

Completely drawn on Adobe Illustrator using a tablet.


Hello, good people. 

So I've been dabbling in purse-making lately (oh, and I'm working on a pair of sandals as well. Will post progress work soon. Also because I just bought a lovely little Mirrorless Nikon camera. I ain't no photographer, but I put all this effort into creating things, I should probably be able to capture their essence as well as I can)

I finally finished my first purse one snowday this past winter (Work was cancelled. Aw yeah.)
Side note**I saw a couple crossing the street in skiis when I emerged from the basement that I call my home/workspace that snowy snowy day.**

I posted the purse on Instagram, and a friend of mine liked it so much that she commissioned me to make her one and gave me free reign to create whatever I wanted. I can't even begin to describe how creatively satisfying that was. Anyway, keeping on with this transformational theme I seem to be obsessed with, the purse was kind of a "3-in-1". The little purse you see beside the big one is actually a pouch that can be removed from the back and you can either turn it into a tiny bag, or slide it through your belt loops.