Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pics from the Burlesque Costume's Tour

I probably should have posted these ages ago, but here are some pictures of the costume in action. I have to shout out the lovely Coco Framboise for doing my work justice. It seems like so very long ago that I was in the midst of making this baby.

 Photographer: Photolena
Photogtapher: Angela McConnell

Photographer: Chris Hutcheson

 Photographer: Coco Framboise

Photographer: Percy Katt

Here's a little "behind-the-scenes" photo of Coco and I. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get the pics edited yet, so we'll see if I can play around on photoshop and come up with something half-decent. You really can't get the full picture of the transformative properties of this costume with the pictures I've  posted, so we'll see if I can get around to editing them sometime this lifetime.

Just in case I haven't mentioned, I used a ridiculous amount of rare earth magnets to make this costume easily removable and transformative.  The base of the costume is a cupless bra that attaches to a waist belt that attaches to a pair of high-waisted leather panties. Yep, this costume is metallic pigsuede and the  skirt is a really cool opalescent silk that shines like nobody's business when it's on stage.

Word of caution...when you use rare earth magnets...watch your fingers. They're so strong that they only come 5 in a package. They're packaged in clear 'film roll case-esque' containers with a cautionary note that states "may cause blood blisters". I almost got my fingers caught between two of those suckers that were placed too close to each other on the table. I kid you not.

Oh yeah, and the skirt comes apart in two pieces. And the bra cups come off. And did I mention that the high waisted, booty-baring panties are metallic leather? Because, why not? Life is short. Wear nice panties.